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Startup on the Beach @ Springtij


For the Startup on the Beach program, eight startups are selected who focus on reducing the impact on natural capital. The selected startups are given the opportunity to pitch their company during the Springtij Forum: the biggest sustainability conference of the Netherlands. In a co-creation session with the Springtij participants, the startups will work on a challenge they face.

Startup on the Beach Participants

Selected by Accenture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Challenge


The Ministry of Economic affairs is looking for initiatives that support the Natural Capital Coalition and One Planet Thinking programs. It highly values natural capital and is looking for ways to support corporations, financial institutions and governments, to actively take these considerations into account in the decision-making process. All initiatives that support these ways of thinking were invited to join the challenge. From all applications, 8 startups are selected to participate in the Startup on the Beach program during the Springtij Summit.



Natural capital is another term for the stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources (e.g. plants, animals, air, water, soils, minerals) that combine to yield a flow of benefits to people. Natural capital is one of several other commonly recognized forms of capital. Others include financial, manufactured, social and relationship, human, and intellectual capital. Natural capital supports all of the other capitals by providing essential resources, such as air, water, soil and minerals, supporting a healthy planet that underpins thriving.




Start up on the beach


Subscribe – Get selected – Match to expert and facilitator – Kick-Off session with last year’s participants – Define your challenge – Pitch at Springtij – Startup on the beach co-creation


Feedback from last year


“At first I had no idea what to expect and whether it would be useful to attend. You do not have to ask me this question again, fantastic!”

Mo El-Fatatry (Masar/ SOTB Startup)

 “Wow, I was completely criticized from all sides, broken down brick by brick. But during the session they helped building it up again step by step. This really inspired me and gave me valuable new ideas.”

Gert van Vugt (SustainerHomes / SOTB Startup)




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