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November 1, 2017

*Startup registrations for the second Innovation Exchange are open.

The open innovation challenge aims to connect startups with incumbents and create meaningful pilot projects. Startups are welcomed to bring their innovations to the table and join ISS, Enexis, PWC, Delta Lloyd and Friesland Campina in their efforts to realize innovation that could improve the workplace.

The partners of the Open Innovation Coalition are broadening their scope outside their own organizations. Within three challenges they get the possibility to connect with startups and to experiment with innovative new ventures; initiating impactful solutions viable for growth. During the Disrupt the Workplace Challenge three topics will be covered, each with the aim to set up new pilots for the partners in cooperation with startups.

First Challenge: Sustainable and Circular Offices 

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In times where we put effort into managing waste, raising awareness for food and skipping plastic bags in supermarkets, offices cannot fall behind on the path towards circularity. There is a need for more ecofriendly solutions, especially in the workplace. How can we reduce our waste to zero? How can we get to more sustainable office equipment, interior, and real estate? How can we effectively diminish our CO2 footprint on our employees’ commutes? ISS and partners therefore kicked off the first out of three ‘disrupt the workplace challenges’ with this subject.

Second Challenge: The smart office

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics seem like the realm of science fiction, but did you know that you carry around artificial intelligence in your pocket every day? In a world where the ‘future is now’ and high tech is integrated in daily life, the work place is expected to reflect these developments, to be role model and early adapter. Therefore, the second challenge this open innovation coalition is focused on how to leverage data to create smart  work environments, by using trending technology enablers such as:

  • Smart Sensors
  • Data Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics

Smart offices are ideally created by an interplay of the three following goals: data gathering, insights and improvement. Firstly, improve measuring current data or start measuring new sources of data using smart technology. Secondly, generating more insights on people, office and operations with smart technology. Thirdly, using smart technologies to get to higher efficiency levels and cost reduction.

Are you the startup that can collaborate with the partners to work towards these goals? Then we are looking for you! Startups should preferably be in seed, venture or growth stage, and are focused on the use of tech enablers (Internet of Things, Smart Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Robotics) to create smart work environments.

  1. Sign up for the second challenge, before 1 December 2017 by filling out the application form in the hyperlink. It will just take a few minutes.
  2. The 10 most relevant innovations will get selected by the partners.
  3. Pitch, meet, and connect in January, date to be announced.
  4. Potentially start a pilot project with (one of) the partners.

The Third Challenge: Workforce of the future

The kick-off is scheduled for spring 2018, to be continued.


Circular Economy

Clean & Affordable Energy



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