Tricktrack: Save one day a week on your online marketing

May 2, 2017

Losing about two hours a day on ‘side tasks’ , like dealing with the slew of actions which come with communicating a single message on all of your channels. This is the problem many online marketers face. ‘Tricktrack offers a dashboard which separates the creation of content from the publishing so online marketers can work more efficiently’ says Koen Godschalk, marketer at  Tricktrack.

How would you describe Tricktrack in one tweet?

‘’Manage your content from one single dashboard, for your site, shop, and app – so working becomes more efficient and fun.’’

What is Tricktrack?

‘’Tricktrack is a content management system (CMS) for apps and websites which lets you send all your marketing content from one point to all your publishing channels. We design the system in a way that promotes interaction with your clients so that you can involve them more in the creation of the experience. This is done by targeting, combined with various content techniques such as beacon technology. Tricktrack takes care off all the ‘dry’ tasks, so marketers can focus on what they do best: marketing. The production of the dashboard is currently in full swing; it will be available on the market middle 2017.’’

What’s the trick behind Tricktrack?

‘’That it consists of one single dashboard where you can offer all your content. You can enter text, images, and video in one place. You select which channels the content needs to be published on, and the system makes sure your content is the right form for the various channels. At the same time, all actions and reactions on the content by users are measured and analyzed. Because of this, you will be more easily capable of specifying and targeting your target group by for example using the heatmaps function or persona based statistics in the CMS. For content marketers, Tricktrack offers many possibilities.’’

What is the origin of this idea?

‘’The original idea for Tricktrack came from a project of Fresh Apple, our parent company, which mainly builds apps and websites. During a project for client ‘Apenheul’ we made a day trip app with thought out, interactive routes. After completing this process, we realized we had developed an entirely new system with an amazing dashboard. We knew we had to continue working on it.’’

Why are you passionate about Tricktrack?

‘’Because it is deceptively simple. Every time I explain to people what I do their response is: isn’t that already a thing? I can influence the business process in a direct way with Tricktrack. Consequently, users can focus on core business again, improving the efficiency of the team, and thus the company.”

Who can use Tricktrack?

‘’Tricktrack is most relevant for companies which value creating a connection with their existing customers, and are using multiple communication channels for doing so. Tricktrack targets both the online marketers and app developers. We provide a complete back-end for the developers which they can freely design to the wishes of the client. Digital agencies just want to make cool apps. We make sure they can do with all the freedom they need.”

Who are your customers?

‘’For now mostly amusement parks, festivals, and cities. Organizations which want a better view of the location of their visitors and their experiences. Tricktrack is an ideal solution to give information at the right place and time. We are already working on a project basis, we have, for example, already done projects for Planet Freshness and Uit in Apeldoorn.”

As an online marketer, why should I purchase Tricktrack?

‘’Because you lose an enormous amount of time to back-end related issues and actions. Leaving you less time for what matters: making attractive, rich content which sets people in motion.”

So, you save time and money?

”Yes, especially in app development. Typically, you invest in back-end and front-end. We provide a complete back-end leaving you only to decide which functionality.”

What does that mean in numbers?

‘’Just by developing a back-end for an average app, you can easily save 20,000 euros. Add to that a 3,000-euro saving on your main company website. These numbers are so high because of the hours needed for the first development phase. Tricktrack provides a ready-made dashboard, reducing the development time of your app by roughly 30%. Furthermore, it increases your efficiency by about 20% by taking all the non-communication related tasks out of your hands. This means that you suddenly have the whole day to attend to your client.’’

What are the costs of using the dashboard

‘’To use the dashboard, you pay 299 euros a month. This provides you with an all in package which costs 25% less than other, standard cms providers, such as Lightcurb, which gives you the possibility to add beacon technology to your business. We offer a complete cms where such technology is but one of the many options available.’’

Is a barebones version also available?

‘’We don’t do light-versions, I don’t believe in that. An integral product such as Tricktrack can only come to it’s right by providing full access to all functionalities. We value customer satisfaction highly. If you sell a product which is only half-used by the customer, he will also be half as satisfied.’’

What do you mean by all in?

‘’All in means getting access to the dashboard, warranty, and support. For example: you want to integrate virtual reality in your app. You know it’s possible, but not exactly how to make this happen in the dashboard. The support we offer in such a situation, is part of the subscription.  The customer should know about all the functionality, only then will the service truly be all in.’’

How do you keep the customer up to date on new possibilities?

‘’When the dashboard hits the market, we plan to offer marketing courses. We have noticed that not everyone optimally benefits from the possibilities of a cms. The reason for this often being that the functionalities of the cms are simply not known to the user. We want that people become aware of all the possibilities in content management. These courses will not be a part of our revenue model.’’

When will the dashboard be available on the market?

”After the summer, we want to start distributing Tricktrack as a cms for apps. In 2018 we will make the switch from a ‘normal’ cms to a headless cms. With this, you can provide all your channels with content, directly from the dashboard. You do not need to go to your own site to place content there.”

Do you have any active projects currently?

”Yes, we are currently working on two projects. One for KPN. We are currently looking to see if there are any cooperation possibilities, to make the mission of KPN even stronger: connecting people with each other. The other project is Giftnation, a gift card supplier. We design the app to cash out the giftcard. Here, Tricktrack serves, on one hand, as a platform where Giftnation and all the product suppliers can manage their content. For example: developing new products, bookings, reservations, vouchers, offers, gift card code scanning, and payment processing. On the other hand, Giftnation can offer the consumer location-based offers. Furthermore, Tricktrack gives Giftnation valuable insights on both the user, and supplier of their products.”

If every company were to use Tricktrack, wouldn’t the user experience be the same?

‘’No. We only offer the technology. Products and services each have their unique characteristics. When your product or service is of high quality, tools will help you to increase your reach and bring your product to the market in the most professional way possible. The distinctive ability lies precisely in the difference you can make, because with Tricktrack you will work faster, better, and smarter. This will reflect in the customer experience in the service you offer to your customer.”

Is Tricktrack international?

‘’For now, we only operate in the Netherlands. However, we certainly have international ambitions. Through our reseller program I hope to quickly expand abroad. I think this expansion is realistically feasible, since many app developers in the Netherlands often have projects outside of the Netherlands. Fresh Apple, for example, has developen an app for ZOO Antwerpen, using our cms.

What will the future bring?

‘’In a year we will have made our first sales of the new cms, and around middle 2020 I expect to expand our team to twenty employees, to meet rising demands. My goal for the future is: letting people be creative again, so they can fully use their talent. That’s my drive!’’

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