TNW Assembly in Quotes

May 25, 2018


“The future is shaped by the people leading in the digital area.”

“What stuck out were the many different ideas…

but all going in the same direction.”

The role of government in a technological revolution

“We don’t need to rush regulating good things.

The call is there.”

 “It’s our collective responsibility to make our society better.

Not just from Brussels.”

 “Our society is changing; our democracy is changing.

But we shouldn’t be too interventionist.”

The GDPR and Big Data

“If you want to change a power structure, you need

to change the roles or the rules. The GDPR manifests

people’s desire to rebalance power.”

“The GDPR is about more than just privacy;

it’s about agency, about personhood.”

“91% of organizations have not yet reached a

transformational level of maturity in data and analytics.”

“We should be using Big Data to scale and accelerate

an understanding of our customers —not generate that understanding.”

Technological trends: Pervasive Technology

“Physical and digital are blending together in our lives.”

“We need to think on how digital is going

to disappear into the background.”

“Billing will disappear into the background.”

“It’s no longer about stakeholder value but social purpose.

It’s now about the ethical economy.”

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