The Term 6 Social Voting Winner is…… Bynco

September 6, 2017

Social Voting is a popular goal that start-ups have while participating for the Blue Tulips in the Accenture Innovation Awards. Resulting in tons of votes and campaigning during the past two weeks. Bynco had a good strategy which works as they won the sixth term of Social Voting. They collected 596 votes. Let’s hear how they campaigned and why they participate.

Congratulations on becoming the term 6 Social Voting winner! Can I have your reaction?

“We are super happy. We really put a lot of focus on this term and we even tracked the website and competition every day. We put a lot of effort in winning, so this is more than satisfying and we feel very proud to already have secured a place at the Innovation Awards pitch stage.”

How did you campaign for the Social Voting?

“The campaigning of Social Voting went through all our channels. We kindly asked our family, friends, co-workers and many more to support us and vote for Bynco. We posted messages and updated all our social media channels. Furthermore, a newsletter was sent out to our clients and followers on Facebook.”

What exactly is Bynco?

“ is a 100% online platform where we sell used cars that are between 0 and 5 years of age. Nowadays, it’s common to search online but for the actual deal, you go to the dealer. That last part, going to the dealer, has been transformed into an online experience. After searching for your car, you enter our digital showroom where our staff is available for questions and advise. They help buyers to find the car that fits their wishes best, no limitations on brands and models. The entire process will be online. The final research, the deal, the payment and then the car will be delivered to your house at the agreed time. The payment is transferred to a third party which releases the money when the car is delivered. The online web shop is accessible all day, and every day. And this is very useful so far because fifty percent of the purchases are done outside of the regular opening hours of car dealers.”

How does Bynco aim to be better than its competitors?

“Bynco is better for a couple of reasons. Because the whole process is online, buyers are fully in control themselves. They can do whatever they want and whenever they want. The car can be viewed online in a 360° view. We also show all the minor scuffs and scrapes in detail and give as much information regarding the car as we can. Furthermore, we explain the pro’s and con’s regarding the specific model based on the opinion of journalists. Additionally, every car has been inspected by an independent company and that report is available with every car. A car is an investment, which will cost a large amount. For this reason, we have a secured payment system through a third party so there is no risk of losing your money. And lastly, the car can be tested for 14 days and possibly returned without any questions asked.”

Why are you participating in the Innovation Awards?

“By participating in the Accenture Innovation Awards, we hope to get a broader audience. Also, participating shows our trustworthiness especially when we win. Trust is one of our core values, so it demonstrates very clearly what we stand for.”




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