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January 8, 2018

“Nowadays, everyone is familiar with AR and VR”, says Miguel Essers, the mastermind behind SuperLucid. The concept of SuperLucid is presenting products in a futuristic way, creating a special experience through the options it offers, “Our interactivity goes beyond that of other big design bureaus.”

Miguel, how would you describe SuperLucid in one tweet?

SuperLucid is an innovative platform to support product description and presentations in an interactive way. “

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What does SuperLucid actually do?

“On our SuperLucid online-platform everyone can take on interactive projects, like project presentation, for example. You can choose sensors, cables and other products from the web shop to build your own interactive installation. With touch, you can control the installation. So, SuperLucid enables you to give your presentation and clarify your product, by means of touch. This enriches people with a totally new experience.”

How did you end up in this business?

“I studied Graphic & Product design, and following that, I owned a design and communication agency for seventeen years. Because of that, I got in touch with Internet of Things (IoT), on the ThingsCon, in Amsterdam. I was absolutely thrilled by that, so I was determined to do something special by combining design and IoT. This resulted in SuperLucid.”

What makes SuperLucid so distinctive?

“In my experience, bigger design companies don’t really incorporate IoT. They remain mainly concerned with their core activities. This gave me an interesting challenge. When you look around, you see people getting tired of staring at screens all the time. They want to be entertained and engaged in their experiences. Therefore, IoT is a good addition. When someone has an engaging experience during a presentation, the message of the presentation becomes clearer.”

What does such an interactive installation look like?

“Currently you can picture it as a wall. Depending on the wishes of the user, this wall can vary in shape, surface and technical functions. For example, for the ISPO in München, world’s biggest event for sport professionals, I delivered a wooden surface from three and a half meters by seven which contained sensors and a projector. The users only see a wooden panel which they can touch. In this way, users can give direction to animated content presented.”


What characterizes SuperLucid presentations? How do people experience them?

“For the projects for ISPO also the ones at Axess (animated below) we made it very simplistic. A few illustrations are projected on the wall and as soon as they’re touched, moving images appear which explain the message.”

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“Another example is the fashion project in cooperation with the start-up STRIKKS. We’ve built an installation to let people experience clothing pieces and fabrics. Instead of representing tons of physical objects, SuperLucid presents up-to-date information, an overview and interaction with the wall. In 2018, we will have a developer looking at even more complex opportunities.”

Who are your customers?

“The public, so the actual user of the installations is my target. However, my real customers are the professionals in marketing, retail, training, education and entertainment, who want to tell their story to their customers. If they are happy, then my consumers are too. SuperLucid is not tied to one specific market. Everywhere, there is a need to successfully tell a dull or complex story.”

How does SuperLucid accomplish that?

“The ease of use, convenience and originality of presentations and demonstrations makes SuperLucid so convincing. Look, for example, at Fashionclash in Maastricht. There, I started a project with another start-up where you could pick a piece of clothing from the rack and personalize it to your taste. Thereafter, the clothes where presented on a doll in a different color or fabric.”

The shape of the installations is your decision?

“Yes. Most of the time, our customers do have some means which can be used for building the installation. They tell us for which project the solution may be given, then I’m free do my thing.”

What are future projects you’ll be working on?

“Recently, I made a deal with Decathlon France. We develop an extensive presentation system for their design and development department, which can relate to production locations in Asia. Also, we’re working on a new project for Messe München and Axess.”

Who is your competition?

“My concept is new, unknown and hard to explain without showing something tangible. AR and VR could be our competition for panels only. SuperLucid offers the best of both technologies and is broader applicable. Aside, other IoT-platform exist, but they are more focused on the technical aspect, it’s harder to use them and those platforms lack off marketing perspectives.”

What are the cost to use SuperLucid?

“It’s just like a car. Depending on your preferences, if you want to use it for groceries or take it to a circuit during the weekend, you can choose your own features. So, with SuperLucid, those preferences determine size, the amount of interactive point, the extent to which animations are used and the whether it’s about a complete project or just the techniques. The possibilities are endless, that’s why my entry price is around the fifteen thousand euros. After, you can do as you please.

What is your revenue model?

“The revenue model is based on licenses for the platform, sales and rental of elements, workshops trainings, and advice about the concept, design, realization and aftersales.”

Who are you currently working with?

“Besides working for ISPO Munich, Axess, STRIKKS and Decathlon, we’ve got about eight customers whom we’re talking with about cooperating and acquisitions. They’re all big projects for single start-ups. That’s why we’ve now got a contract with Stefan Uhrer (Left on the photo) and Peter Mitterhauser (right on the photo). In 2018 SuperLucid in Salzburg will become SuperLucid Interactive Solutions OG.”

If I were to talk to you in five years, what would you tell me?

“SuperLucid works via the cloud, this is what I had in mind from the beginning. Next month, the first steps of the process will be made. SuperLucid will be a popular platform for consumers and companies who can work with interactivity independently. My product can be ordered through the web shop, Pete and his companies will deliver services and will focus on some of the tasks which enables me to get a more assisting role. In this way, I don’t have to do everything on my own, as I’m doing now.

What did participation to the Accenture Innovation Awards bring you?

“I was present at the Innovation Playground during the event and award ceremony. I was also asked by AIA to pitch for a big multinational company. Unfortunately, SuperLucid didn’t win, but one of the judges was highly interested. Consequently, I had some conversations and put together a presentation. We will see where it goes in the future.”

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