Sensiks: Step Into a Stimulating Cabin…. and Relax

September 5, 2017

Dreaming about your previous holiday? Already overloaded with work? Sensiks helps to imagine the ultimate full relaxation with the help of a technology called sensory-reality. You will taste, sense, see, feel and hear the things that make you relax, in a special cabin. You are reset by stimulating al your senses at the same time, says Fred Galstaun, founder and chief experience officer of Sensiks.


Fred, how would you describe Sensiks in one tweet?

Sensiks offers a multisensory experience, stimulates your emotions and gives an euphoric sense.”

How does that work? What is Sensiks?

“Sensory reality is a new technology that we conceived and launched. This technology is put in use in the Sensiks-pod: a cabin big enough for one person, containing VR-glasses, a headset, infra-red lights, odor sprays and blowers. These tools help us to create a total experience of 360 degrees. Everyone can ‘sensify’ existing audiovisual content: you can be the director of your own experience. The name Sensiks stands for nearly experiencing your sixth sense, combine this and you have Sensiks.”

You can do that with virtual reality, right?

“VR can be compared with a drive through the mountains. The surroundings are beautiful and you get the idea and feeling of an experience as soon as you get out. This adds extra value when you smell and feel what is happening. The human brain does not only respond to the sounds and  view you get, but also the temperature and wind will stimulate. The things you experience outside of the car, this is the territory of sensory reality. It is VR squared.”

For who is Sensiks?

“On the one hand, sensory reality can contribute in a positive way for people dealing with depression, stress, dementia or disability. They can feel better and withdraw from their daily routine by Sensiks. For example, we work together with healthcare provider Philadelphia, for whom we bring a full experience full of emotions for the clients a life.

What are the results of this cooperation?

“Sensiks made a cabin available, which can stimulate the senses of clients with a disability. The caregivers indicate to see positive changes in the attitude and behavior of these clients. Sensiks does not solve the things they suffer from, but we aim to make their life more comfortable.

The fact that Sensiks works, is it proven?

“Yes, TNO did research in multisensory-stimuli in combination with the human brain, the effect is proven. Sensiks and Philadelphia investigated the effect of the Sensiks-pod after three months. . We looked into the differences in emotional state of clients that use the pod compared to clients that do not use it, and we noticed quite a difference.  We noticed quite a difference. We are planning to continue doing research with TNO about the influence of sensory reality and the level of stress.”

And for who else is Sensiks?

“You can create all kinds of mesmerizing experiences. I can almost say that there are no limits. We already made a preview of holiday destinations for Thomas Cook London. Imagine that you can tell your colleagues: “I went on a holiday this morning”. Geometry Global, a marketing and brand building company that is active in 56 countries around the globe, announced their collaboration with us last week. Together, we created a product for creating entirely new brand experiences. If you can offer an experience, it will be easier to tie the client to your brand.”

How did you come up with this idea?

“In the past, I have suffered from a light depression. When I was on holidays during this period, I felt how calming it was and how my stress decreased. I started thinking, can I copy this feeling in one way or another, without having to book a vacation every time I feel down? I realized that I am not the only one having these feelings, which resulted in the development of Sensiks.”

Can you ‘sensify’ all kinds of films?

“Yes, basically you can experience everything on Netflix with all your senses. For example, it is possible to experience the part where Rose stands on the bow of the Titanic. You can smell the sea, feel the wind and see the same beautiful view she saw. The following morning the sun rises and you will feel the warmth from the East. Such an experience is possible for every movie.”

What are the costs of the Sensiks-pod? How does the revenue model look like?

“The Sensiks-pod costs about twenty thousand euros, however, the exact costs depend on the quantity. Van der Valk has bought several pods for their hotels and restaurants. The content creator determines the price for the user. Suppose they ask four euros per experience and create the content themselves, they receive 80% and Sensiks receives the remaining 20%. It is quite profitable, when 20 people per day use the pod, the purchase of the pod will be covered within one year.”

Is renting possible as well?

“Yes, this is possible for example during an event. Costs differ per type of event and depend on the number of visitors and what kind of guidance is needed, but usually range between zero and two thousand euros.”

What is your biggest challenge?

“We would like to claim our newly discovered product category as much as possible. Our goal is to be the number one of the world, so this means we need to scale up and expand geographically. We will have an investment round soon, which we look forward to because we ran out of money after an intense development process. Recently, we hired a CFO who will mainly focus on bringing in investments.”

Sensiks is participating in the Accenture Innovation Awards, what would you like to get out of this?

“Participating already effects our network. The Innovation Summit is on October 27th. If there are pitch areas like in previous years, we would like to show why we are a good investment. There is a demand for Sensiks, so an investor will earn back his investment.”



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Sensiks: Step Into a Stimulating Cabin…. and Relax

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