Sensfix Wins Social Voting Term 7

September 21, 2017

Repairing and maintaining city assets such as street or traffic lights is not only costly, but also time consuming and inefficient. Enough reason for the Sensfix team to come up with an idea that aimed at shaking up the whole industry. Sensfix is an IoT-enabled, location-based service that connects city assets with repair and maintenance services. Whenever an asset is broken, in need of maintenance or too polluting, nearby service personnel is notified automatically. Sensfix won the seventh Social Voting term, so we talked to founder Balaji Renukumar to find out more about the self-acclaimed Uber of the repairs and maintenance market.


Congratulations for winning this social voting term and obtaining a blue ticket for the Summit. How do you feel about this?

“Thank you, we are very happy that we won this term and that people noticed the passion for what we do.”

What’s your secret behind winning the social voting?

“We realized that we needed to win a term to have the opportunity of presenting our pitch at the Summit. So halfway through the two-week period, we started promoting on Facebook and LinkedIn and attempted to engage our followers and customers. The Sensfix solution provides value to citizens and contributes to the social responsibility of our clients. And I think, this the ‘WHY’ of people voting for Sensfix. It’s a great acknowledgement for what we are doing”

Why did you sign up for the Accenture Innovation Awards in the first place?

“We want to create more impact by spreading the word about Sensfix. By doing that, we try to reach more people and attract corporate partners. The Accenture Innovation Awards are a perfect opportunity for both. We are interested in exploring the options to partner up with Accenture, for instance. And of course, through the awards, we will get more external exposure.”

Could you briefly explain what Sensfix is all about?

“Sensfix is an IoT-enabled location-based service for repairs and maintenance of city assets. It’s a cloud service with various software applications and hardware interfaces that connects assets and their owners to the nearest repair and maintenance personnel and their workflows to enable quick and efficient repairs.”

Could you give an example?

“We have begun with the B2G and B2B segments and equip city assets like street lights and traffic lights with IoT devices. Whenever an asset needs repair, maintenance or there is intolerable pollution, it would automatically send a notification to the nearest service personnel via the Sensfix app. The entire repair process is then managed in the Sensfix cloud so that the asset owner is kept in the loop. Moreover, citizens can report broken city assets and follow up on the progress of the repair work. This way they are more informed about public assets and feel higher participation in public life. In a nut-shell, you can say that Sensfix creates an Uber-like network for the repair and maintenance industry.”

What are the main benefits of using Sensfix?

“Currently, it can easily take multiple days before an asset gets repaired and failure rate of repairs are high. That’s inefficient, costly and citizens get annoyed. The Sensfix solution can bring down the failure rate to almost zero because it stores repair histories and predicts failures based on hardware measurements and analytics. Because of the Uber-like service platform, repairs can be provided much faster. Citizens benefit by having a transparent platform where they are informed about public asset failures and pollution, progress of repair and maintenance work and pollution control measures.”

“Eventually, we also want to enter the B2C market. For example, when your air-conditioning breaks down, a notification will be sent automatically to repair personnel on the road and you. If you and the repair service provider agree on a price, you close the deal and the repairs will be taken care of. IoT sensors and the intelligent software will take care of the entire life-cycle of repairs and maintenance automatically.  The vision here is – devices should find repair personnel themselves and whenever it is needed.”

The summit is in less than two months. How are you going to convince the Jury of your concept?

“You can say that we are disrupting the repairs and maintenance industry. The repair and maintenance of assets is very expensive and inefficient and Sensfix aims to improve the situation for everyone involved: asset managers, repair and maintenance service providers and citizens. Sensfix is creating a win-win-win situation for all.”

Where do you see Sensfix in 3 years from now?

“In three years, Sensfix will be recognized as the Uber of the repairs and maintenance market, efficiently connecting assets with service providers. By that time, we will have entered the B2C market and will be offering our services to normal citizens too. For now, we have B2B/B2G clients in the Netherlands and India. Next year we plan to enter France and Germany. And of course, we want to expand our client base.”




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