Second Term Winner of Social Voting: Pabbl

July 12, 2017

Last Wednesday, the second Social Voting Term Winner was announced: Pabbl. The startup in Amsterdam collected 1053 votes in two weeks. Pabbl is an Android-app on which personalized ads, articles and wallpapers are shown, and enables users to collect point for unlocking their phone. With these points, users earn discounts and free products. Bas Gerritsen and Jeroen Malotaux – founders of Pabbl – talk about their campaign.

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The young startup Pabbl started in the end of 2016 and is now growing fast, located in Amsterdam. Believing in beautiful, relevant and seamless advertising over the current “shitty ads”, they wish to stir up the digital advertising world using the lock-screen as platform with the goal to close the gap between mobile users and advertisers.


You are the second Term Winner! How did you take the news?
“I was up until midnight to check if we were still in first place. We knew we were ahead quite far, but were still nervous. You never know if the competition is plotting a last campaign right before the end. So, we were very excited to find out we won!”


Did you purposely plan to win this second period?
“The first period, we were very busy with a new investment, among other things. When the second period had already started, we decided to go for this round. First, we just posted something on Facebook, but when we noticed how easy that lead to votes, we went for it.”


So, how did you campaign?
“We looked at our available channels and made a plan. We used our own Pabbl-product, website, social media, personal network and users. At first, we just experimented with what worked and what not, so we could target more specifically in the second week. We got a lot of votes through our personal network and by sending an e-mail to all of our users.”


What is it that made Pabbl win?
“We had a small advantage, as we could use our own product to advertise. By using our lock screen advertising, we showed an ad that asked our users to vote on Pabbl. But we believe that even when you don’t have a lot of users, you can still win by using your network in a smart way. That is how we got the most of our votes.”


What problems did you notice in your campaign?
“Not really a problem, but rather a surprise that some of our advertising didn’t work. We know some influencers, which usually ends in quite good marketing. But we think we had a mismatch: someone who is totally into soccer, for example, posted something about business. So, we ended up with almost no votes through that influencer.”


What is Pabbl about?
“At Pabbl, we believe in beautiful, relevant and seamless advertising. Our goal is to connect mobile users and advertisers. The gap between these two groups is getting bigger, leading up to consumers downloading adblockers. From our point of view, this means that advertising on digital channels is done in a wrong way up until now. With Pabbl, we want to make digital advertising great again.”


How does that work?
“We use the lock screen on their mobile phone to show beautiful and relevant advertisements to our users. The average person unlocks their phone about 150 times a day, so it’s the perfect place to show a personal ad. Users are rewarded with points every time they unlock their phone, which they can for example trade for a cup of coffee, discounts or a movie ticket at one of our partners.”


Who are your customers?
“Right now, our target audience is millennials between the age of 18 and 23. These young people use their phone often and are open to new technologies and targeted advertising. We also notice that people between the age of 13 and 17, and 40+, are using our platform a lot.”


How will you convince the Accenture Innovation Awards jury of your concept?
“Firstly, by what we stand for and what we want to accomplish. We are an organization that wants to connect users to mobile advertisers and by this, stir up the way of advertising. We want to prove that relevant content doesn’t have to get loud and in your face to get good results. The feedback on our product is very positive and we have a lot of growth potential. As we fully believe in our concept, we hope the jury will too.”


What are your plans with the winnings, if you win the Public Prize?
“Well, even if we don’t win, we gain a lot by the media exposure an award like this will give us. If we win, this exposure will even be bigger. Also, we could use advice in scaling our concept internationally. It would be great to explore our international options with Accenture.”

Interested in joining Pabbl in competing in the Accenture Innovation Awards? Register now!

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