Scale Up Academy: How to Sustain Your Business?

April 12, 2017

Register for the Scale Up Academy on May 2
Want to register for the upcoming Scale Up Academy on May 2: Sustain your business? Register here. Nota bene: there is a limited number of spots available. So: first come, first serve.


Has your startup grown into a healthy business, but do you want to make sure it stays this way (or gets even better)? The upcoming Scale Up Academy – on Tuesday May 2 – is all about ‘sustaining your business’. After a fundamental start and quick scaling, it is important to keep your business on the right track within a highly competitive market. But where to start?


The Scale Up Academy

The Scale Up Academy provides year-round workshops for startups and other interested innovators, who want to lift their company to the next level. Every workshop captures a theme, with experts guiding you through the session. There are five different workshops that are presented in the format of the Scale Up Journey. These workshops all have the goal to help grow your company in several areas, such as marketing, strategy and sustainability.


The Scale Up Journey

The idea of the Scale Up Academy arose from the fact that every company goes through a couple of similar processes. Processes that can be quite challenging. You came up with a great innovation and decided to make a business out of it. Getting off to a slow start is often not desired, so preferably you find ways to kick start your business.


This is the first theme that gets covered by one of the Scale Up Academies, aimed at how to get the funds and use social media to get off to a great start. Something closely related to this subject is the ability to give the perfect 1-minute pitch, so that you can impress every investor, in every elevator. Furthermore, optimization of your business model, sustainability, and scaling up, are continuous processes that need attention. These important aspects are combined in the Scale Up Journey offered via five Scale Up Academies.


Up next | May 2: Sustain your business

During this highly interactive workshop you are going to assess yourself and your co-startup colleagues. Which grade do you give yourself on your startup’s product market fit and which impact within the society does your innovation realize? It is up to you to convince your peers during a special interview session, which will be followed by a ‘Popcorn Harvest’ where we will share each other’s learnings. You can register for this workshop via this link (first come, first serve).


Throwback | Scale up your business

“An educational afternoon full of practical tips to think about at home,” that is how participants described the last Scale Up Academy. The academy took place on March 9, and captured the theme ‘scaling up your business’: how do you lift your innovation to the next level? And how can you establish this beyond the borders? It turned out to be an interesting and interactive afternoon, where speakers from VanDoorne and DutchBasecamp provided theoretical insights as well as practical do’s and don’ts.


A year-round program
You can find additional information and the full program of the Scale Up Academy here.

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