Money Well Spend – AIA finalists pitch @ SAP event Connect to Innovate

October 5, 2017

Accenture was present at Connect to Innovate, a two-day IT and innovation knowledge-event from SAP Nederland and VNSG, on October 4th. At the Student & Start-up program finalists of the Philips Innovation Awards and Accenture Innovation Awards pitched their ideas. The room was filled with young people, who could, in addition to the jury, vote through investing “money” in a start-up of their choice (like the tv-series Dragon’s Den).


The three finalists of the Accenture Innovation Awards who were present and delighted us with investor-ready pitches were:

  • Restart Network: A non-profit school in the Netherlands, which provides tuition-free education in the tech industry to refugees and people with low income.
  • Stomydo: The stoma-shower that allows patients to easily clean their stoma at the washbasin.
  • Circular IQ: Their online platform (SaaS solution) provides companies, and especially procurement departments, the ideal tool to source sustainability information from external parties and could therefore make their supply-chains more sustainable and circular.

In addition, Philips Innovation Awards finalists and other startups inspired us with their stories  and innovative ideas about:

  • Ecomotive: Students from the TU Delft designed an electric car (LINA) made from lightweight bio-based materials.
  • The VR room: Discover virtual reality entertainment with your friends in the VR ROOM.
  • Seenar: We develop intelligent support for blind people.
  • Wanderwatch: An outdoor game console worn on your wrist, with which you can play interactive outdoor games and easily keep in touch with family and friends.
  • Polariks: Develops technology for drones and robots (hyperspectral imaging solutions) to help wine farmers make better wine, in a more sustainable, eco-friendly and economical way.

Air Innovation: We develop easy-to-use software to automate visual inspections, which saves time and improves quality.

Counting the votes, resulted in two well-owned winners of €1.500,-. Both Restart Network and Polariks were leaving the building with the price.


Merle Freeke (from Accenture Digital) was part of the jury.


Circular Economy

Circular Economy


Circular Economy

Circular IQ

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Stomydo stomashower

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