Ninja Card: Bringing Your Fantasy Alive Without VR-Glasses

September 19, 2017

Ninja Card creates the possibility to see into the future and adjust the things you see without wearing VR-glasses. “Your ideas can be displayed and the only things needed are your smartphone and a Ninja Card”, says Tsuwann Elburg, founder of creative 3D-agency Ninja Wall. This technology is not only for planners and architects, also for marketers.


Tsuwann, how would you describe Ninja Card in one tweet?

“Ninja card is the gateway to an interactive urban 3D environment, where you walk around.”

What is Ninja Card?

“The card, with the size of a business card, provides the possibility to see, feel and play with the future appearance of a city with the help of an application. When you open the app, scan the Ninja Card and move your phone around, you will see a 3D view of a building, city or environment, without wearing VR-glasses.”

Is it like VR or something else?

“No, Ninja Card creates a ‘mixed reality-environment’, which you can arrange to your wishes. No glasses are needed and you have the city in your hand. This is co-creation: the user chooses how to design the surroundings. You will see a vivid city in Birdseye perspective on which you can zoom in. You see clouds, buildings, people, cars, trees and much more. It feels like walking around the city you designed when you zoom in. If you like the scene to be dark or snowy, no problem for Ninja Card.”

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For who is Ninja Card?

“Ninja Card is for marketers, policymakers, designers, users – actually anyone who wants to show an interactive 3D image of anything. Imagine having plans to create a new neighborhood, these plans can easily be saved on the Ninja Card you carry around. That’s why we say, the digital city in your pocket. VR glasses, laptops and office infrastructure is unnecessary. Just go to the spot with the card and it gives a completely different experience and imagination.”

What is ‘ninja’ about Ninja Card, why did you choose this name?

“‘Ninja’ fits with our service and product: capable and efficient.  Your phone will present you magic images when you connect with a Ninja Card. As a company, we start to find out what the wishes of the customer are. Often, unexpected things will positively surprise and give a glance of the future. This yielded us with the nickname ‘ninja-architects’ a couple of times.”

What is the added value for marketers?

“They could bring campaigns to life with the Ninja Wall technology. Architects, marketers are conceptual and visionary. We help to make ideas that are hard to imagine concrete. Think of decorating a mall in December or the designs in the shopping streets or to place Christmas trees in living rooms. Ninja Card brings your message closer in a dynamic way, through a single-source framework that focuses on all media touchpoints. You can share content on social media and we provide a feedback system.”

How was this idea born?

“As an architect, I promoted real estate and realizing technical drawings, artistic impressions, and 3D videos was part of my job. These are all static visualizations. An architect creates a vision, the clients invest in abstraction. Many rightly think that this is insufficient: they want to feel how it is to walk through a neighborhood or city before investing in a piece of property. This is the wish I aimed to fulfill without VR glasses. This led to Ninja Card.”

What was your eureka moment?

“When a municipality in the Center of the Netherlands approached us with the request for an application that created urban planning anywhere. This specific desire was the reason to do something with the idea. Through their feedback and later from other customers, Ninja Car has become a standalone product.”

Do you have any competition?

“Yes and no. Our product is a combination of existing technology such as VR and sensors. We distinguish with the design. This assembles several techniques. Another distinctive is the exceptional quality of the 3D-experience. Users state that it looks like real-life and are surprised time and again, just as their first time with Ninja Card.”

What holds the future for Ninja Card?

“Ninja Card can assist with a disaster or report an accident at crowded events. Even in less urgent situations, it can be useful to use Ninja Card. For example, to find your friends and as a learning and fun tool for teachers and students. We hope to establish a recognized company in the field of mixed reality projects within five years from now and with the launch of Ninja Card should be the first step in that direction.”

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