The Next Web Conference: we will be there

May 17, 2017

The 18th of May, The Next Web Conference – Europe’s leading tech festival – will house the official jury kick-off of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2017.  During an all-day event at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, the influencers of today’s world come together to open the discussion on innovation. We will be there to tell you all about it.


What is The Next Web?
“Bringing together great content and great people in an incredible setting, injecting some custom-built networking technology, and topping it all off with an unrivalled feeling of intimacy is how we guarantee amazing business and an awesome time.” This is how The Next Web describes their popular tech-conference. It is all about bringing the right people together and providing an opportunity for innovation.

On May 18, there will be several pop-up tents present where speakers host talks and invite the public to join the conversation about innovation. The Google’s, Netflix’s and Uber’s among us talk about what is innovative in today’s society and what made them big.

At the innovation market, you can get a taste of innovation yourself, as you can test products, literally taste the newest sustainable food trends and watch the latest ideas come to life. In the afternoon, the jury members of the Innovation Awards 2017 will introduce the biggest challenges that startups face and define the network to help tackle these challenges.

Why are we there?
We will be present at the conference to provide you the latest news on trends, innovation, interesting startups and successful companies. Besides the interesting discussions and networking around innovation, it is an important day for the Accenture Innovation Awards.

During The Next Web Conference, the jury of the Innovation Awards 2017 will get together for the very first time. Besides talking about innovation, jury members will identify the promising innovation themes and key innovative concepts that have the potential to change our ecosystem.

What are the expected trends?
Pieter Paul van Oerle: “We are exploring Innovation in all key Innovation Themes for the Netherlands.  This will range from Health & Wellbeing to the Safe & Secure Society. So I expect a full breath of Innovation Themes to come up. The common ground in innovations is that they are often triggered by disruptive new technologies and/or changing consumer expectations. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and AR – to name a few – facilitate completely new personalized services. We are thrilled to tap into the insights of our jury members to focus on the right innovation topics in the upcoming months.”

Who will be there?
The Next Web manages to attract many big names to share their expertise and join the discussion about innovation. This year will not be an exception.

Among many others, the following experts will be there to tell us something about their business or expertise:

  • Imran Khan – Snapchat
  • Linda Kozlowski – Etsy
  • Constantijn van Oranje – StartupDelta
  • Mark Randall – Adobe
  • Jeany Ngo – Airbnb
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