Meld Een Vermoeden: tackling fraud with smart app

August 8, 2017

Municipalities and the police work together intensively to tackle fraud. In practice, a lot of reports – about illegal prostitution or vacancy – get to the (wrong) person too late or not at all within the municipality. The innovation Meld Een Vermoeden from the Anti-Fraud Company should solve this problem. CEO Viresh Jagesser tells us how it works.


Viresh, how would you describe Meld Een Vermoeden in one tweet?
“Digital solutions like the Meld Een Vermoeden platform offer new ways for municipalities and their partners to fully work together.”


What is Meld een Vermoeden about?
“It ensures more efficient communication, quick reporting and tuning between municipality-departments. If municipalities and their partners like the police, customs or tax services can co-operate more smoothly, fraud can be prevented. Thanks to the app they already caught a robbery, where over thirty stolen cars were confiscated. After a successful pilot in The Hague, the app is already used there, and also in the community of Rheden the app will be launched in two weeks.”


How does it work?
“When an agent fills in a report through the app, it will directly be sent to the right person within the municipality. Examples are reports about empty houses, drugs or illegal prostitution. Cops can download the app through MDM, a kind of internal AppStore, and it will give the agent the chance to get rid of his paperwork within a minute, on the spot. He can also add photos and gets a notification when the municipality makes work of his report. They can, for example, close a building or take a name off an address.”

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What problem does Meld een Vermoeden solve?
“Reporting directly and easily on the street, passing more valuable information in less time and knowing fors ure that it will get to the right people. This increases the viability and safety in communities. Municipalities can now take better action against problems in the community.”


Who are your customers?
“Dutch municipalities with over 25.000 civilians and their partners – like the police. We focus on the communication between different departments within a municipality, but also with different partners. Departments often function as islands and communicate too little with each other. Because of this, many reports end up with the wrong person.”


What does the revenue model look like?
“We offer the Meld een Vermoeden platform on subscription base to municipalities, in the shape of a SaaS model (Software as a Service). Right now, we are applying this revenue model in The Hague and Rheden.”


Do you work with any partners?
“Yes, software provider Milvum is an important partner of Meld een Vermoeden. They help us with the development and maintenance of the app. Second, Arthur Dallau is in our advisory board, he uses his experience with municipalities to make sure the app fits the municipalities and their partners as much as possible.”


Does Meld een Vermoeden have competitors?
“Meld een Vermoeden is – as far as I know – the only tool that makes communication between municipalities and their partners accessible and simple. Other players in the market focus mainly on data analyses to track down fraud, like VX Company, or software to hand out fines, like Sigmax. Next to the neighbourhood WhatsApp groups, I see this more as an complement to our service than a direct competitor.”


How did Meld een Vermoeden begin?
“The founders – Arvind Jagesser, Salim Hadri, Randy Tjin Asjoe and I – know each other from Milvum: the innovation lab for corporates and the government that now functions as a partner of Meld een Vermoeden. Meld een Vermoeden began by winning a hackathon in April 2016, which was organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and foundation ICTU, to be more effective as a government against fraud. After a successful pilot in The Hague, the Anti-Fraud Company arose.”


What are your plans for the future?
“Right now, we are working on the AdresChecker, a new platform that we’re developing with the municipality of The Hague. A civil servant can go by several addresses and has, thanks to a smart online checklist, all the right data about the civilian and the address at hand. This way, we optimize the entire process, from report to finish-up.”


And besides that?
“Besides that, we are soon launching a revised version of the Meld een Vermoeden platform, which can process reports on a bigger scale. It will go live during the launch at Rheden in a few weeks.”


What problem do you encounter as a startup?
“To reach your target customer with a limited budget. Many municipalities are active on events, but these are often paid and not always within reach because of our startup budget. Now we reach out to municipalities telephonically, but with funding we hope to interest them faster in the future.”


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