Partner Outside, Innovate Inside @ The Sustainable Workplace Challenge

December 19, 2017

On the 28th of September ISS & partners gathered to kick off ‘disrupting the workplace’ during the first Innovation Exchange with the 9 selected startups (out of a pool of 64 potential candidates). This first Innovation Exchange is centered around the partners efforts towards creating a circular and sustainable workplace. After inspiring startup pitches, the corporate partners FrieslandCampina, Enexis, Delta Lloyd, PWC and Accenture continued to conduct 1-on-1 conversations with the startups, aimed at sealing deals. The day secured 11 matches between the corporates and startups, who are currently exploring collaboration possibilities.

Updates on the collaborations will be posted on this page soon.

“The afternoon was full of good energy generated by the startups.” – Bert Cozijnsen (Delta Lloyd)

“As one of the selected startups of the Innovation Exchange, we connected with potential corporate customers. Thanks to the relevant matching by Accenture, these conversations were focused and in-depth. The Innovation Exchange brought us promising New Business Opportunities.” – Stack IT, Johan Pijpers

Curious who are the driving the future of sustainability in our the workspace? Have a look at the startups that pitched their innovative and sustainable ideas related to workplaces during the Innovation Exchange*:

  • Softs: SOFTS world offers a multifunctional way of using underutilized urban surfaces, such as roof top solar panels and “garden rooftops“.
  • Riverfood: Using aquaponics and multi-layer plant cultivation to produce food (fish, fruit and vegetables) in an ecological circular system inside city buildings.
  • Toogethr: Share a ride to work, with Toogethr. With the commuting app for usage among colleagues, Toogethr makes it easy to carpool to work.
  • Degree-N: Degree-n develops and delivers sustainable heating systems. We reduce fossil fuels with a patented Nano Infra-red technology
  • Aqua Battery: The Blue Battery allows the storage of renewable generated electricity in a concentration gradient between fresh and salty water, by creating an artificial gradient in times of oversupply of electricity.
  • Circular IQ: This software provides real time circularity insights based on information coming directly from suppliers on criteria originating from best-in-class sustainability programs safely.
  • Mijn Waterfabriek: Makes water systems in cities circular by using buildings and its green surroundings as small ecosystems and making water systems self-sufficed.
  • Stack It: Recycling concept that supplies all of the disposables and collection systems needed to facilitate the consumption of beverages at work and collect all waste disposables after they have been used
  • Waste Watchers: Online tool for chefs to register valuable information about food waste.

* This innovation challenge is part of a sequence of 3 challenges with ISS & partners. Do you want to pitch your startups during the next challenge? Follow the updates on the website!

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