Autheos: higher sales conversion in e-commerce through video marketing.

July 4, 2017

“Online shopping shouldn’t be a static experience. When used in the right way, videos can inspire and educate the online consumer, leading to a more certain feeling when purchasing a product”, says Christina Calje, CEO and Cofounder at Autheos. At The Next Women Summit, she explained how video marketing is a rising star in e-commerce. How do you leverage the power of video to boost sales?


Christina, how would you describe Autheos in one tweet?
Autheos enables brands and e-tailers to optimize their video marketing strategies specifically for e-commerce, achieving higher sales conversion and an improved consumer experience.”


What does Autheos do exactly?
“Our platform includes video distribution and optimization tools designed for the e-commerce environment. With our distribution tool, brands instantly and automatically place their video content on e-tailer product pages, saving time and effort to place the right videos and keep them up to date. For our more data driven clients, we analyze the engagement and impact of video marketing campaigns, and provide tools to optimize its impact, for instance on sales conversion, product returns, brand awareness, etc.”


Why is this knowledge so valuable for brands?
Brands create this content and once it is at the digital point of sale, it is a black box. To maximize their ROI, they want to know from a brand awareness or engagement perspective: is the content engaging? Where do people drop off, and why? Do they find the video helpful? From a commercial perspective: What is the impact on sales conversion? What types of video influence the consumer purchase decision? This feedback loop helps them to focus resources on creating and placing content that works.”

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Why is video so important in marketing?
“Consumers are shifting their purchase behavior increasingly to the online market. In physical stores, you can try out products, feel it, experiment with the experience. Online this experience lacks. It’s a static occurrence where the identification with the product is missing. Good videos address this, they bring the product to life with the right mix of teasers, inspiration, and information.”


Why is Autheos specifically suitable for brands and e-tailers?
“We are specialized in video marketing in the e-commerce space, we understand what works and doesn’t work for consumers in this medium. What stands out for me is that most brands do not have an e-commerce-focused video marketing strategy. We often see that brands are repurposing video marketing campaigns from television or social media, expecting it to perform in the same way.”


Why might repurposing those videos not work?
“They are talking to a consumer who is very deep in the purchase funnel, which requires a totally different messaging to get them to make that purchase. In most cases, their e-commerce marketing strategies are too generic. We help raise a mirror to those brand marketeers in a language that resonates most to them – data.”


And on the e-tailer side?
“On the e-tailer side, they are of course very focused on how video marketing can improve conversion on their product pages and we can help them to understand what products benefit most from video marketing. But sales conversion is not all e-tailers care about, of course. They also care about things like product returns, customer experience, NPS and here video marketing can play a tremendous role in influencing these metrics as well, particularly educational videos like reviews, unboxing videos.”


How is it possible that customers are so much more likely to purchase, after watching a video?
“When you better understand what a product can do for you, how it will fit into your life you will feel more certain when purchasing it. But, that is if the video is good and shown at the right moment.”


When is a video ‘good’?
“What’s interesting is that the same video might be good for one person at a certain moment in their purchasing decision, and not good for another person or at a different moment. But, in general, we see that well performing videos inspire or educate the consumer. Sometimes we discover surprising things, like once we had a really poor performing video about earwax – total failure and way too descriptive! So there is a fine balance in educating the consumer.”


Who are Autheos’ customers?
“We have a wide range of clients on both the Brand and the E-tailer side, mainly enterprise level such as, Blokker, L’oreal and Lego, to name a few. We also have small and medium sized clients, since our product offering is equally as valuable to them. Our business model starts with a free version and gets more expensive when focusing on optimization.”


How was Autheos born?
“Autheos is grown out of the feedback from a client. Starting out, we were an e-commerce platform ourselves, selling video productions. Funny enough, one of our customers saw how we utilized video marketing and they wanted to apply the same thing to their website. We pivoted to become white label service placing video content on product pages and quickly started growing our network of clients. The video optimization also grew out of a problem we saw from clients who needed help with their e-commerce video marketing strategy.”


Who is the competition?
“We don’t have an apples to apples competitor. No company offers the full loop of distibuting and optimizing video marketing for e-commerce, like we do You might compare us to a content management service, an A/B testing tool, an analytics tool, since we are all of these things. We offer a full package for a consciously chosen target group: online commerce. There lies our comparative competitive advantage.”


Is Autheos for the short or long term?
“Definitely the long term. Video is increasingly important in our daily lives – just look at Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube and you understand. Online retail is in the early stages of capitalizing on this trend, and Autheos is at the forefront working with Brands and e-tailers to maximize its impact through experimentation frameworks, data models and deep learning tools.”


What does the future hold?
“From a product perspective, we are keeping our eye on other opportunities to touch the consumer like Augmented Reality or 360 video, for the future. From a growth perspective, we have a powerful position in the Benelux region and are focused on geographic expansion into areas like France and UK and Scandinavia. Personally, I would love to expand to the US, where I originally come from so that is also on our radar for the near-ish term.”


What was the message you wanted to give at The Next Women Summit?
“The Next Women Summit – Ambition Edition was an incredible opportunity to showcase entrepreneurs having an impact and I really enjoyed participating in their keynote panel. The topics were wide ranging from my business to challenges of leading a startup with grand ambitions. Of course, one key message I wanted to convey was how we help major retailers to get the most out of video. But on the other, the audience was full of ambitious women who are considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship and I wanted them to understand that it is within their reach and they should go for it!”

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Interview by Sanne van den Berg, Innovation Reporter at the Accenture Innovation Awards.

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