Veiligebuurt | Neighbourhood Prevention App

Veiligebuurt | Neighbourhood Prevention App

By connecting civilians with each other, police and technology through modern technology, they are more self-sufficient in terms of safety and security and are more able to react adequately when experiencing high impact crimes*. By means of the collected data, we can predict and prevent even more high impact crimes.

While the number of these high impact crimes is decreasing people actually feel more unsafe. A sense of safety is mostly dependent on connectivity with neighbors and related trust – and that connection is immensely impacted by the shift from an offline to an online existence.

In addition, civilians have lost a significant amount of trust in the (local) police. Due to great staff shortage police often cannot respond while they do have important intel.

Veiligebuurt believes that civilians can improve safety and the sense of safety in their own neighborhoods dramatically IF they are connected AND if they have the right information. That is why we offer an intelligent connection between neighbors, police and technology. With the ‘Veiligebuurt App’ neighbors are connected with each other and through the connections with police and technology, such as alarm systems and national control centres, they have the necessary information to improve prevent high impact crimes.

*high impact crimes: burglaries, violence and robbery are crimes with a major impact on a victim, his or hers immediate environment and their sense of security in society.

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