Topicus KeyHub

Topicus KeyHub

Corporate security requires a new mindset to cope with the constantly-changing ICT landscape for the foreseeable future. As ICT is integrated as an essential part of our daily work, we cannot rely on the IT department alone to solve all access and identity issues we encounter. In an ideal world, the business end of an organization is responsible for security and access management. This creates awareness at all authority levels and raises responsibility and accountability. Together with traceable insights of every action taken these are crucial steps to building powerful, secure organizations.

Topicus KeyHub brings this philosophy to life! Embrace the new mindset regarding corporate security, experience a revolutionary new way of connecting business with IT and enjoy working with top of mind access management.

Let Topicus KeyHub:
– introduce 2-factor authentication to your entire organization (central authentication)
– hand back control to your business (de-central authorization)
– help new employees get started and be productive within minutes
– withdraw all access of former employees with a single click, minimizing security risk
– provide single-sign-on for employees to any supporting platform or application, with SAML or OIDC-support
– provide a complete, readable and extensive audit trail
– introduce webhooks and a command-line-interface to create full flexibility on any access event
– give you a head start on ISO-certifications or GDPR-compliancy

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