SocialGlass is an online system for real-time urban big data analytics and forecasting. It capitalizes on advanced Semantic Web, Machine Learning, Spatial Analysis, and Human Computation technologies. Our mission is to pave the way for smarter cities, by offering a pioneering toolbox that helps governments, planners, entrepreneurs, and wider communities plan the future of cities in a truly data-driven fashion.

SocialGlass facilitates the combination of insights derived from sources as diverse as social media, sensors, GPS devices, LoRa networks, and open data portals. It further provides mechanisms for the effortless incorporation of custom data sources, including crowdsourcing campaigns. SocialGlass harnesses the power of urban big data to help city stakeholders better understand and forecast the dynamics of cities. For instance, our system has been taken up by the municipality of Amsterdam during SAIL 2015 for enhanced crowd-management solutions. We are currently working on real-life applications relating to the prediction of appropriate retail locations, the understanding of energy consumption behavior, and the policy-making for vulnerable societal groups. Our ambition is to offer SocialGlass as a service and, thereby, extend its use to a range of municipalities, businesses, and wider communities.

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