IV-Walk is a portable IV-Pole that stimulates mobility in hospitals with the aim to accelerate recovery of the patient. I utilised my rare combination of being both a former leukaemia patient and a current designer to create a book full of concepts to reach my so called ‘humanised hospital’. In combination with my own poems, I focused on mobility, communication, atmosphere and mental distraction. One project I materialised: the ‘IV-Walk’.
Out of my own experience I realised how the current IV-Pole was not stimulating me to move around in the hospital (I was attached to the pole during eating, showering, sleeping and sporting). While movement is a crucial point to speed up recovery.
The IV-Walk can be worn as clothing and the patient is able to sit and move comfortable. I searched a balance between hiding the medical equipment and acknowledging the illness.
How it works: The IV-Walk can be zipped open to install the infusion pump, infusion wire and the Infusion bag. This system pumps the liquid to the veins. This all, is technically possible and achievable.
Conclusion: I designed the IV-Walk to stimulate mobility in hospitals with the aim to accelerate recovery of the patient. Besides that, I designed the IV-Walk to bring back the patient’s self-esteem and make the sometimes cruel experience in hospitals more bearable.

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