Deep Learning for Finance

Deep Learning for Finance

Axyon AI offers Deep Learning-powered Artificial Intelligence solutions for finance. Started in 2013 as an R&D effort by its parent company (DM Digital SRL), Axyon AI relies on three different competitive advantages to set itself in a powerful position to become a market leader in providing highly accurate predictive solutions to the finance sector:

– Technology: a proprietary and finance-tailored Deep Learning platform (Axyon Platform) specifically built for fast predictive model development.
– Experience: starting in 2015, we completed several successful POCs in finance, from credit risk to trading, from marketing to wealth management. Three products are ready for market.
– Skills: a well-balanced team, supported by a strong ecosystem of advisors, academia and partners.

Axyon AI’s product is:
– StocksAnalyst: a Deep Learning-based tool that uses financial and news data to gather insights over stocks behavior and use them to generate accurate direction and volatility predictions.

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