Innovation DeepDive: Working with startups

Join the Innovation DeepDive: Scouting at TQ
June 28th  | 16:00-19:00

Going beyond the obvious. Partner with a start-up. 

Open up your boundaries and discover how partnering up with start-ups will lead the way. During this session, we would like to inspire you with next-gen delighters, show you what it is like to bridge the gap between a corporate and a startup and entice you to jump onto the bandwagon. Like we did. We partnered up with The Next Web to allow for an even better scouting experience.

The innovator’s path is never easy. Developing next-gen delighters is an exhilarating challenge. But there is no need to do it alone. Your innovative capacity is never limited to the boundaries of your organization. Look beyond them, and you’ll find a wealth of new opportunities waiting for you.

This is the core purpose of Innovation Scouting. To go beyond inspiration. To explore the market and identify the most promising innovative start-ups active today. To facilitate matchmaking and move toward unique collaborations, visionary experiments and tangible benefits by aligning radical new solutions with your goals.

Collaboration accelerates innovation 

Throughout the year, a broad range of Innovation DeepDives will take place, uniting startups, corporates and clients and partners to get together and discuss the topics that accelerate innovation. Each DeepDive will be hosted by an Accenture client or partner and the relevant innovation network will be invited to join. Join one of the Innovation DeepDives and take a deep dive into innovation, together with other innovators.

Exact dates and topics of the Innovation DeepDives will be announced shortly.

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