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The Accenture Innovation Summit 2017 is the place where the ecosystem gathers for an innovation journey. A journey with inspiring speakers, insightful round table discussions, powerful #AIA17 finalist pitches, interactive innovation demos, Innovation DeepDives, a live Investor Stage and many more opportunities to engage in innovation with all players of the innovation ecosystem.

Explore innovation

How can I accelerate our …? Is this a question you are constantly asking yourself? Find out more about how innovation can help you achieve your goals and how you can get connected through the Accenture Innovation Awards Program.

What is the Accenture Innovation Awards Program?

How can I accelerate our …? Is this a question you are constantly asking yourself? Find out more about how innovation can help you achieve your goals and how you can get connected through the Accenture Innovation Awards Program. Join the network.

The Accenture Innovation Awards is a year-round program that identifies the best innovations and connects innovators. The program consists of different stages, starting at the search for the most intelligent innovations, leading up to the Innovation Summit, taking place on October 27, 2017.

What’s in it for me?

We live in a fast-changing world and organizations need to keep up to speed. As consumers expect increasingly more and natural resources are running out, satisfying the demand becomes even more challenging. We need new ways to evolve and add value to our business models so that we can improve the way we work.

The Accenture Innovation Awards is an ecosystem that offers insights in current trends, creates opportunities to connect and builds a network of innovative minds. Connections are made throughout the year – with the big finale at the Innovation Summit on October 27, 2017. Fresh innovative concepts aspire to scale up and work together with organizations aiming to make an impact. By collaborating across company borders, we can accelerate innovation together and create a competitive advantage for our current and future economy.

Visitors of the Accenture Innovation Awards

Who can I connect with?

When innovation is the key objective, connections must be enabled not only between organizations, but also between all innovative minds. Therefore, the Accenture Innovation Awards Program offers a range of events with different objectives and with different guests.

Organizations connect with clusters of the brightest new ideas, peers from the industry – with whom joint initiatives evolve – tech and network partners that help accelerate innovation, research and education institutions that focus on development and growth of young talent and governmental organizations for support and acceleration of innovation.

Innovation DeepDives

Experts will share experiences and opinions to trigger an active discussion.


Innovation Exchanges

Connects organizations to startups with innovative concepts that are relevant to their business models – these events are tailormade to fit the needs of the organization based on their current innovation challenges.

Innovation Summit 2017

All stakeholders come together to innovate, accelerate and make an impact.


Jury Meetings

These meetings are for jury members only. Per team, juries evaluate innovative concepts and have their first contact with new impactful concepts.

“Waves of change—from mainframe to quantum computing and many things in the middle—are coming faster and faster, impacting businesses like never before.”

Omar Abbosh

Chief Strategy Officer – Accenture

Join the network

Discussion from jury member of the Innovation Awards in the Johan Cruyff Arena

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The competition

Our innovation class of 2017 is now complete. We are proud to have over 750 of the best innovations joining the Innovation Awards 2017 competition and joining the network of game changers.

Explore innovation

Are you ready to connect with inspiring innovators in every industry? Want to learn to become the disruptor, not the disrupted? Looking to find out how to release trapped value in your organization?

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