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Ready for Social Voting? Find out more about the benefits of Social Voting and get your votes from the Dutch public.

What is Social Voting?

Social Voting winner 2016

Social Voting offers the opportunity to promote your innovative concept, and to collect votes via social media channels. Every voting term covers two weeks. The start is in June. At the end of every term, the innovation with the most social votes during that term is announced Social Voting term winner.

As a winner, an interview will be conducted with you and your concept. This interview will be featured on the website and on our social media channels. All term winners and the overall winner are invited to pitch at the Innovation Summit, where over 2000 guests from the business top, government, and entrepreneurial community will gather.

Public Prize

The participant that collects most votes in total from the Dutch public until October 20, will win the Public Prize. This prize consists of a renowned Blue Tulip, and a value that can be used for professional advisory (e.g. legal, marketing, strategy, IT). The winner of the Public Prize will be announced during the Accenture Innovation Summit on October 27.

Term 1: 7 June – 20 June | Winner:
Term 2: 21 June –  4 July | Winner: Pabbl
Term 3: 5 July – 18 July | Winner: Webtexttool
Term 4: 19 July – 1 Aug | Winner: Farmland optimization – Agrisim
Term 5: 2 Aug – 15 Aug | Winner: Shell TapUp
Term 6: 16 Aug – 29 Aug | Winner: Bynco
Term 7: 30 Aug – 12 Sept | Winner: Sensfix
Term 8: 13 Sept – 26 Sept | Winner: Weide Weelde
Term 9: 27 Sept – 10 Oct | Winner: Scoozy

Two speakers of Accenture Innovation Awards

What’s in it for you?

Social Voting winner 2016

Winning a Social Voting term results in the following benefits:

  • Blog on the website
  • Online exposure across social media channels
  • Ticket to the Accenture Innovation Summit (and a chance to win the Public Prize)


Winning the Public Prize results in the following benefits:

  • Win the renowned Blue Tulip and a value that can be used for professional advisory (e.g. legal, marketing, strategy, IT).


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The competition

Our innovation class of 2017 is now complete. We are proud to have over 750 of the best innovations joining the Innovation Awards 2017 competition and joining the network of game changers.

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