Opportunities In Cyber Security And Safety Innovation

New digital technologies are enabling unprecedented opportunities for business and society. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and robotics will help build the world of tomorrow. But that world needs to be one we can trust – a place where we can feel safe, and where our data is secure.

Driving digital trust and innovations in cyber security are essential to create a brighter future. To be able to live, work and add value in an increasingly digital world, we must protect it against new threats – both intended and unintended, coming from both human and machine.

A Future Threat

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. The amount of successful breaches per company each year has risen more than 27 percent in 2017, from an average of 102 to 130.

Electric Distribution Grid

Almost two-thirds of utility executives believe their country faces at least a moderate risk of electricity supply interruption from a cyber-attack on electric distribution grids in the next five years.

Security Is A Board Level Concern

More than 70 percent of surveyed companies confirmed that cyber security is a board-level concern supported by their highest-level executives.

Cyber Security Spend Increases

Organizations worldwide spent US$84 billion on cyber security in 2015. This will increase to US$125 billion by 2020. A sound investment; researchers expect the cost of cyber-attacks to reach US$90 trillion by 2030.

Innovation can only succeed if we embed security!

—Floris van den Dool — Managing Director Accenture


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