Download the Topguide below

Below, you can download the individual files of your theme to your device. Including: theme videos, logo maps of the Top 10 per theme with a caption, and header images for your social channels.

Theme logo maps

Celebrate this highlight with your friends, colleagues and network and share the logo maps below. You can download the logo maps per theme and share them on your social channels. The image will appear as shown below:


To make things easier for you, we wrote you a caption. Feel free to use it, make it your own, or think of your own caption!

Dear colleagues, partners and friends!

We have exciting news to share. As most of you know, for the last couple of months the Accenture Innovation Awards (AIA) has brought us on a journey. Hereby we are proud to announce that [INSERT YOUR INNOVATION] has made it to the Top 10 (insert theme) innovators in the AIA competition!

Thanks to all who have supported us up until this point. Keep up the good vibes; keep supporting us in this critical moment of our AIA journey!

Header images

Share this exciting news with your followers and change your header images on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to let everyone know that you are part of the Top 10 innovations within your theme! This is different from the theme logo maps as unlike the social post that you’ll make of the logo maps, these header images will represent your profile indefinitely. The header will appear as shown below:

Theme videos

Share this explanatory video to inform your network about the theme in which you are accelerating innovation!


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