Many innovators in the Mobility industry will recognize the Last Mile as an industry term, mostly used to refer to the final stage in the delivery of goods and packages to businesses and consumers. It also refers to the last mile of a traveler or commuter, for example to and from work. The Last Mile is crucial. It can make or break the customer journey.

That’s why the Accenture Innovation Awards don’t take the Last Mile lightly. We want to ensure an engaging and innovative Summit event for all involved, from the moment you step out of the train up until the moment the winners are crowned.

From the very first step

In our view, the Summit starts right there: the moment you step out of the train. De Fabrique, the venue where the Summit will be held on November 2nd, is 1,483 meters away from the railway station Maarssen. When accounting for platforms and stairs, give or take a few meters and rounding up just a little bit, we would say that adds up to about a mile. In true Innovation Awards fashion, we want to make sure that this Last Mile is a great experience for participants, jury members and spectators alike!

Our challenge

The challenge, then, is as follows: Provide the most innovative, interesting, thought-provoking or downright fun way to transport a portion of the 3,000 innovation enthusiasts attending the summit from Maarssen station to De Fabrique. For this, we need your help and ask you to challenge yourself by signing up and putting your Mobility innovations, both vehicles and solutions, to the test.

Why participate in the last mile challenge?

Of course, participating in the Last Mile Challenge is not a one-way street. We want to make sure that you, the contributor to our Last Mile, get your time to shine. To achieve this, Accenture offers the winners of the Last Mile Challenge the possibility to connect and present your innovation at the table of the many Mobility partners we have. These are The Netherlands’ leading organizations, both travel and logistics. Next to this, RTL, Emerce and other media outlets will be present, making this a great way to get your innovation into the spotlight. These opportunities, together with showing off your innovation to the 3,000 curious visitors of the Summit, may be the push you need to gain the resources that make it possible to take your concept to the next level.


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