Building a company brings challenges to the surface. That’s where the Scale Up Academy comes in. This year-round program helps you exchange knowledge and connects you with other innovators and partners of Accenture. You will be handed the tools and insights needed to overcome your company’s obstacles. Are you an innovator and interested in what these workshops can bring you? Stay tuned for more information.


Every day, Accenture provides advice to partners and clients about their most challenging innovation cases. Startups often play a major role in solving these challenges. The Scale Up Academies offer custom-made solutions for obstacles in important, modern-day areas. The Scale Up Academies teach you how to: build an effective team, position yourself within the right network, and apply a design thinking method for the best customer-oriented approach.

SUA 1   New Year's Kick Off

We’ve kicked off the new year. Start-up innovators joined us for the start of another year full of innovation. There are still many more Scale Up Academy events in 2018 to look forward to!

Our journey started with the New Year’s Kick-Off. During this intimate get-together with start-up innovators, we started discussions and learned about Accenture’s role as facilitator within its extensive ecosystem.


Pieter Paul van Oerle — Founder of the Accenture Innovation Awards
Joost Brinkman — Founder of Solarus & AIA16 winner
Arthur de Crook — Founder of Robovalley & Jury-lead AIA
Bas Gerritsen — Founder of Pabbl & AIA17 Public Prize winner

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SUA 2   Business Beats

The ‘Business Beat’ is the sync between your vision and your execution. It is the tempo that focuses the energy and builds the momentum of your organization. Implementing a ‘Business Beat’ helps you handle the complexities in communication and decision making that come with rapid growth.

In this two-hour interactive drum-workshop we have learned just how to do that. This workshops was designed for founders and leadership teams of startups that have between 20 to 50 employees, who experience rapid growth.


Juan van Emmerloot — Professional drummer, producer and coach.
Patrick Leenheers — Director at THNK, School of Creative Leadership.

SUA 3   Business Model Canvas

In this two-hour interactive workshop innovators had the opportunity to co-create a Business Model with other start-ups and received hands-on advice from experts in the field.


Freerk Bisschop — Director of the Smart Energy Program
Merle Freeke — Corporate Innovation Scout at Accenture
Jurgen Wildvank — Senior Manager at Accenture

SUA July CLASS OF 2018

This Scale Up Academy was organized to bring together our former Accenture Innovation Awards contestants. They reconnected and shared their experiences whilst enjoying some drinks & snacks.


David Beckett - Pitch Trainer, Pitch Coach and Proffesional Speaker
Kaan Anit and Peliqan.ai - Founder New Amsterdam Capital


Stibbe , Ugoo, Cyzoom, Partos/The spindle , Pitch professionals , B. Building Business, PNO consultants.

Legal SUA Stibbe

This Scale Up Academy was organized by our partner Stibbe to introduce the innovators to the legal challenges they might face and how to overcome them.


Jasper Klopper (IP), Joppe de Bruijn (Tax), Quirine Broekema (Finance), Roderik Vrolijk (Finance), Maxim Terweij (Corporate), Robert-Jan Dekkers (Corporate), Anne Merks (Employment)

SUA Pitch Perfect

During this SUA, our semifinalists learned how to make the perfect pitch and how to prepare for the upcoming Pitch Arenas at the Innovation Summit on the 2nd of November.


David Beckett - Pitch Trainer, Pitch Coach and Proffesional Speaker
Michael Diederich - Improviser and lecturer

SUA Booster

The Scale Up Academy Booster offers you the opportunity to get in close contact with our partners to gain hands-on advice on typical start-up/scale-up related topics of your choice (e.g. funding, business growth and much more!) to skyrocket your business!


SubTracers, Growth Tribe, AirBeamTV, Symbid, ACN Security, Impact hub

Growth Hacking Workshop

Accenture is proud to present a 5 Hour Growth Hacking Workshop in collaboration with Growth Tribe.

In a rapidly developing world where new technologies arise, everybody needs to make sure they are up to speed with the needed skills to deal with these new developments. In this workshop you will get the possibility to learn more about Growth Mindset, Growth Process and the origin of Growth Hacking. Followed by learning how to implement the process of rapid experimentation by executing your own experiments.


Natalie Owens & Stefan Daniëls


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