Besides his position at Rabobank, Michel van Schaik is Chairman of the Committee on Health of the Dutch Banking Association and also Chairman of the Committee on Healthcare of VNO-NCW (federation of Dutch employers). He is co-founder and co-author of several impactful publications: “Diagnosis 2025”, “Diagnosis Diabetes 2025” and “Diagnosis Health Innovation’’. He is initiator of Diagnosis Food and Health (accelerator) and also a guest lecturer at the Erasmus CvZ, Nyenrode Business University and TIAS Nimbas.  He is also member of the board of several healthcare related organizations (a.o. Institute for Positive Health and Vita Valley). To keep health care accessible and affordable for future generations, fundamental transition and reform are necessary. This requires healthcare providers to have a clear vision and make strategic choices. Moreover, it needs a business-like approach and similar working method. Innovation and entrepreneurship are important drivers for this. The strong focus on ‘cure’ will have to shift to prevention. As a banker, I fully commit myself to investing scarce financing resources to where the added value for society is the biggest. In the coming period I will pay extra attention to nutrition and health, themes that Rabobank feels passionate about.