Mathieu is an experienced and senior leader in IT Management and IT Security (CISO) with a demonstrated history of working in the energy industry and IT consulting market.

He has led over the last 10 years different teams in Shell’s IT organization and varying from IT compliance and Assurance, IT Risk Management to the Cyber Security SOC teams cross the globe. Before joining Shell in 2007, he worked as the Senior IT Audit Manager at KPMG and Arthur Andersen. Mathieu has a degree in Information Management, Information Technology and IT auditing. His specialty is to simplify complex IT management structures and processes and bringing IT in line with Business strategy.

Currently Mathieu leads a team of Information Risk Management professionals within Shell IT and his main focus areas are;

  • to increase IRM’s ability to relate identified information risks to Business risks and forge stronger ties between the core business and IT and information risk management at different levels,
  • to leverage IT Security capabilities in Process Automation
  • to transfer the Cyber Security function to the changing IT environment of more Cloud, Mobile and IoT, tight to Business strategy and risks.