The red wire in Hilda’s career and her true passion is transformation. Bringing an energy company to the next level as a CIO leaning processes and introducing CRM for over 3 million clients, redesigning and implementing IT Governance for a globally present Dutch Bank, reducing Cancer Diagnosis processes in 4 academic hospitals from 12 weeks to 1 day as a program manager and leaning and reorganizing a healthcare organization as a COO. Previously Hilda was Executive Partner with Gartner supporting boards in profit, healthcare & government sector with their Digital Transformation. This includes the guidance on Strategic Planning, as well as creating the Digital Roadmap and realizing Transformation. This full creation process is of particular interest to Hilda, as she loves the part that is often overlooked though is crucial for success: that part provided by the non-analytical creative brain and the purposefulness of the transformation (the real value). She guides groups within organizations in the creation process that taps into the peoples’ personal interests, passion and purpose and the cultural dynamics that is impacted by transformation. Besides work, Hilda’s passion and activities are about personal transformation, helping individuals reaching their goals and helping find their own strength to improve their health. She is a speaker on Healthcare Transformation, Self-healing and a Meditation Teacher.