EDGE Technologies is a real estate technology company, seeking to develop superior buildings that actively contribute to the health of people and the world. We combine decades of experience in the real estate and technology industry. EDGE Technologies is owned by OVG Real Estate, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and New York and incorporates a technology driven operations platform that delivers the best buildings and solutions for ambitious customers worldwide.


Erik Ubels, started his career at Royal Philips Electronics as electronics product engineer. While studying computer science he moved on to KPMG, after five years joining what would become Deloitte. At Deloitte he was part of the team responsible for the first global digital audit system. Responsible as CIO for IT and facility management operations at Deloitte, Erik worked in close relationship with OVG to realize The Edge building in Amsterdam. Since January 2016 Erik is CTO at OVG Real Estate, as Chief Technology Officer, he is driving innovation and application of technology in the widest context you can imagine. Including the development of the cloud-based platform for Edge Technologies. At Edge Technologies we believe the world needs better buildings, we take pride in building the world’s most bespoke buildings, not just smart, but intelligent, healthy and inspiring work places, by applying data analytics and machine learning we learn from the building and make it a better place to work, improving users’ comfort and wellbeing.