As an IT professional I have worked in the financial services industry (pensions, insurance, banking, asset management) and Telco industry working to transform IT and operations in many shapes and forms. Examples are agile transformations, cloud migration, shaping and delivering digitization journeys, forming partnerships, implementing new business solutions, forming datalakes, maturing security capabilities etc. Change is always a great part of my daily work, change in any dimension (people, process, apps, infra) and always with the purpose to create better, faster, cheaper client value.

Working in IT provides the natural challenge to be adaptive to change and to stay open for continuous learning.

 I have spent my career at Accenture, Delta Lloyd, APG and Aegon. The first part of my career was all about projects and working at many different clients. The second part of my career provides a new learning opportunity being part of a line organization taking full responsibility for departments between 50-1000 FTE.

When I am not working I enjoy my family & friends, love to ice-skate, skate, play field-hockey and cook (and eat).
Feel free to drop me a link if you would like to connect!