Opportunities In Transport And Travel Innovation

Our global economy is built on connections. Technology has put even the remotest destinations within our reach, allowing us to deliver freight, people and information anywhere in the world. As our economy grows and demands change, we must strengthen those connections with next-gen mobility solutions to deal with modern-day issues like inner-city congestion, smart parking, road safety, environmental pollution, reverse logistics, car-sharing and last-mile delivery. Innovations in travel, transportation and logistics will help us close the distance between today and tomorrow, giving us the opportunity to exchange essential resources faster and more efficiently than ever before. Also, developing new sustainable solutions will help protect our environment.

The Future Of Mobility

Investments in ride-hailing companies topped $11 billion in 2015, and totaled $21 billion halfway through 2016.

Urban Mobility: The Tipping Point

Traffic congestion is already close to unbearable in many cities and can cost as much as 2 to 4 percent of the national GDP.

Smart Cities, Smart Mobility

The automated metro trains industry has grown 17 percent since 2014. There are now 53 fully automated lines around the world, spread across more than 36 cities, operating a total of 789 kilometers.

Mobility: Product Or Service?

Accenture research projects only slightly higher revenues from manufacturing and selling vehicles in 2030 than they are today. Profits from car sales will shrink slightly (from €126 billion to €122 billion).

Whether it’s mobility of people or mobility of goods, we are noticing booming e-commerce sales—and a hike in parcel deliveries linked to that. We can also see widespread overpopulation and pollution. We have to find smart and flexible solutions to deal with these vast changes.

—Mattijs ten Brink — CEO – Transavia


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