Opportunities In Smart Home And City Innovation

Urbanization is on the rise. As we move into the future, people across the world will flock to the cities to find new work and build new lives. This will create new opportunities and challenges for businesses: to build better work environments, and help improve everyday city life.

Reaping the rewards of urbanization will require an innovator’s mindset. Innovations like smart homes and offices will not be enough – we need to make entire cities smart and sustainable. If we can rethink what it means to work and live in the city, we can transform the urban landscape itself.

Humanity On The Move

It is projected that about 60% of the global population will be living in cities and suburbs by 2020. More than 50 cities worldwide will boast more than 5 million inhabitants —and over 20 megacities will be teeming with more than 10 million residents.

Advancing Towards Equality

Digital Fluency is the extent to which people use digital technologies to connect, learn and work. Digital Fluency’s potential impact: nearly 100 million women could be added to the paid workforce, with almost two trillion dollars of additional income, while reducing the pay gap by 21% —all by 2030.

Employee Experience Reimagined

Accenture Strategy research shows that many companies are already using a range of technologies, including internal collaboration tools (85% of companies), predictive employee services technologies (83%), and self-service apps that create consumer-like experiences (79%).

Reworking The Revolution

Overall, 67% of workers consider it important to develop their own skills to work with intelligent machines. However, only 3% of executives say they intend to significantly increase investment in training and reskilling programs in the next three years.

Working must be organized differently, because we work on shorter terms, with different people and with a variety of skills and ways of working. Health and well-being have become more prominent: how can we deal with people in their work environment and make them more productive and successful?

—Herman Knevel — Head of Innovation at ISS Facility Services Nederland


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