The Dutch labour market is being dominated by large established agencies. These agencies handle margins of 74%. Wurcly is an iOS and Android app that gives the employment market back to employers and employees. With Wurcly, you can place (and apply for) one-time jobs. Employers can hire flexible staff through Wurcly at a rate of only 8%, which is a staggering 64% less than the established agencies! Wurcly employees on the other hand, can apply for one-time jobs offered by employers in the application.

In addition to the app, Wurcly consists of a homemade payroll system. Thanks to this system Wurcly can be a legal employer and is liable for all responsibilities regarding employment. This includes employee insurances, paying holiday fees and other concerns, such as gross surcharges and retirement.

In the current market, labour costs cannot be calculated prior to an assignment. Wurcly has developed a unique system based on an algorithm, which makes this possible. Launched on October 2016, it has grown significantly ever since. Next to numerous small bars and restaurants, established brands such as NY Pizza, and Bagels & Beans already started hiring via Wurcly. With +10,000 employers and over 50,000 downloads in the first eight months, the results are more than promising.