Turning the Sun into a house appliance

BeON energy is the fist company in the world which has made a solar system that is compliant with normal household appliances. The BeON system is composed by a solar panel of 300W, a supporting frame that is foldable inside the panel, the BeON plug-in converter, and all the cables and tools needed to set up your very own solar power plant from Box to Power in 15 minutes. No knowledge needed and totally safe. once you are done simply plug the system to the nearest wall socket and it will send the energy from the sun in to the socket and though the house wiring will reach all your energy consuming house appliances. the energy you produce is energy that you don’t need to buy from the grid, the major source of carbon emissions.

Our system although powerful is affordable to anyone and available for 250€, which makes this energy the lowest cost in the world, and you did it!

We have also solved a major issue with safety, in Holland, with DIY solar kits which are not designed for socket plug-in. these will interfere with the house wiring and switches. BeON in the first company in the world to develop a specific converter which solves this problem and is safety compliant just like any common house appliance. 3 years and 50.000 systems later we have a system that can massify the adoption of renewables.