The WasteShark

RanMarine is a Dutch environmental technology enterprise. We build drones that remove waste from the water and support the natural resilience of our oceans. Our fully autonomous drones swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment. RanMarine drones are learning machines, continuously communicating with one another in the water, and transmitting back to a central database on land.

Our WasteShark ™ patented design enables it to sweep the surface of the water and scoop up plastic waste and other non-biodegradable waste and remove it from the ecosystem. It is our mission that we create a proactive tool to combatting plastic waste that threatens to strangle our ocean life and ecology. By creating a system that efficiently and cost effectively removes waste from the water we believe that we will not only create a strong business, so that we may continue to operate, but also a sustainable system that enables the water environment to repair itself.