TeleDE – Teledermatology app

In 2017 Dermicis, one of the largest providers of dermatological care in the Netherlands, launched a special teledermatology app for GPs called TeleDE. This particular app offers an easy way for GPs to consult a dermatologist about their patient’s specific skin condition in the comfort of their own practices.

Via TeleDE GPs can answer a few simple questions about their patient’s skin condition, send the answers with pictures of the affected skin to a dermatologist, who then sends the GP his diagnosis and treatment advice via the app within hours. In some cases, the patient may have to visit a dermatologist for a more precise diagnosis or specialized treatment. However, in most cases patients can be treated by their GP or are in no need of treatment at all.

E-Health, including teleconsultation, is becoming part of everyday healthcare. However, existing solutions lack in usability, safety or speed of response. By working in close collaboration with GPs of Arts & Zorg and Zivver, a safe communication platform, Dermicis has aimed to improve the use of teleconsultation by developing TeleDE. TeleDE offers GPs an easy way to help their patients with skin disorders, contributing to accessible and high quality care, and doing it efficiently and cost-effectively. Moreover, the app can be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs, is offered for free, and is secured by Triple Safe Technology.

TeleDE – providing GPs with dermatology consultations in a snap!