Stokhos Seconds Application

Seconds is a technology that optimises regional coverage of emergency units (e.g. ambulances) in real-time. It is based on mathematical algorithms and leads to substantially reduced response times of emergency services. To optimise coverage within a specific region, emergency vehicles must be pro-actively (re)located, which is a complex logistic problems for dispatch (control) centres. Seconds provides rapid, rational and automated advice regarding the best location to which an ambulance or emergency unit can be sent. The program predicts demand using a combination of demographical population data and historical incident data. In addition the program predicts the ‘system state’, which evaluates the unit’s availability. Utilizing this unique combination, the program supports the operators in maximizing the system’s preparedness. Our software gives advice on how to minimize under-coverage. We have booked outstanding results in our test region within the Netherlands. One example is that 53% more ambulances reached the patient within 5 minutes compared to before our program was used-(43% vs 17%).