The SPS is the world’s first unmanned autonomous police station providing around-the-clock services. The public can track criminal investigations, pay traffic tickets, report lost items or suspicious behaviour, and get information on a variety of community services without having to wait in line or take the time to speak to a police officer. The most important service the SPS offers is allowing citizens to report crime virtually. The station features private rooms where a person reporting a crime participates in a video call with multilingual police officers. After collecting all the details, the police officer forwards paperwork to the victim to allow them to follow the procedure online.
The SPS is fully monitored by smart cameras, with touchscreens to complete transactions and service centres connected via a screen and a smart device to an investigator on duty to receive reports. Open 24 hours, seven days a week, the new station offers 27 key services such as reporting crimes and traffic incidents as well as a further 33 services offering community services ranging from getting a good-conduct certificate to social support for victims of family violence. It is a confidential service point where the customers can speak freely with officers through video conference as well.