Pompoenmayo en wortelmayo

Everyone has mayonnaise at his refrigerator but is it healthy for you? Organic Love solved this problem by reducing oil in the mayonnaise up to 80% and replace it by healthy ingredients. Organic Love’s innovations created 5 healthy mayonnaise made of vegetables and we have a few concepts more. So if you eat Organic Love’s mayonnaise you will get your daily vitamins en vegetables. I hope you can help my with your network to get this in the supermarkets. We still looking for more collaborations and partners.

Next mission is to get the original organic taste from back in the days when alcoholic drinks started, back in the markets again. Organic Love has in terms of malt the widest range of organic malt. We do sell separately the malt and we sell hops in combination with the malt. We are a malting as service also sell other products to our customers. For beer requires malt and hops. In the overview the malt and hops are all organic.

The company name is Organic Love. Why we love organic, because it’s tasty, haves quality and it is healthy for you to. So are mission is learn the rest of the world why we love organic end why they have to love it to! 

-Organic Love-