OneWatt E.A.R.S. (Embedded Acoustic Recognition Sensors)

Motors are the backbone of the industrial world, with factories employing hundreds of them in their smooth running production pipeline. However, it just takes one bad motor to halt their operations, causing loss revenue and productivity.

At OneWatt, we literally listen to monitor your motors and prevent unplanned motor breakdowns from happening. Using our custom acoustic sensors, frequency analysis and machine learning, we can hear your motors’ resonant frequencies when they’re working properly, or their grumbles when they’re upset. We tell you, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE the fault will be, down to the centimeter, removing any guesswork needed and earlier than most solutions currently in the market.

And by employing acoustic sensing, we are as non-intrusive as possible. We don’t even need to cut into any wires nor even touch your motors to do all of these, ensuring that your production will not be affected while still having your motors empowered with predictive maintenance.

With OneWatt, your facility can now detect faults earlier, prevent revenue losses from downtime and remove guesswork in the maintenance work.