My Flour Bag

We are trying to champion the sustainable food movement by empowering people through technology to create ‘responsible packaged food’. We are the only company in the world that creates personalised packaged food, which suits your specific health, and taste needs, and provides complete transparency across the supply chain. By reducing food wasted by over 15% across India and contributing to the health of over 100,000 people while improving income of over 30,000 farmers by around 50% within the next two years, we endeavor to create a sustainable and healthy global food ecosystem.

Our solution does the follows –

1) Sustainable Production and Processing – We are creating a food ecosystem where farmers practice sustainable farming to get the most healthy produce which is processed, only on order, through the most healthy processing method.

2) Responsible Consumption and Health – Food is personalised (using Machine Learning and AI) to suit one’s specific health and taste needs. It is processed only on order (so that no packaged food gets wasted like it gets wasted in retail due to expiry on shelf) and delivered fresh with complete transparency across the supply chain (using blockchain technology). Since food is fresh and personalised, it is healthier than any conventional packaged food.