MOPRIM Transport Mode Detection

MOPRIM develops a data-as-a-service platform for gathering, analyzing and supplying multimodal mobility data. MOPRIM helps businesses and public entities understand how people actually move in cities across all modes of transportation. This can be done on an individual level to power new services and features or as privacy protected big data for analysis and insights into whole populations.

The key to MOPRIM solution is the set of patented algorithms that run on smartphones and analyze in real time the user movement using the accelerometer in the phone. We are able to determine the transport mode (e.g. car, bus, train, walking, bicycle, tram, metro, etc.) just by analyzing the unique vibration and acceleration of each mode. This happens locally on the phone and as such requires no location data or data transfer. We then make this data available locally for the host app or send the data periodically to MOPRIM cloud for further analysis and providing the data to the customer. Optionally, we can gather periodic location data as well, giving MOPRIM a unique set of multimodal mobility data mapped onto a city. This kind of data is already used by pilot customers to study mobility inside a city and calculate individual carbon footprint of each user, with the goal of reducing the overall footprint.

MOPRIM – Fueling Smart Mobility.