Mailfence was created following the Snowden Revelations. The creators and staff behind Mailfence believe that users have an absolute and irrevocable right to internet privacy. They have never subjected users to advertising or commercialized their customer databases or proprietary customer information. They believe the tracking and profiling many people encounter across the Internet is obscene and unacceptable breaches of privacy.

Mailfence offers interoperable end to end encrypted email which give the user full control. Mailfence have based their encryption technology on open standards, namely OpenPGP , making it easy to integrate with solutions other users may be using. Unlike other secure e-mail providers they allow you to import existing PGP Keys which makes the switch to Mailfence easy

Mailfence integrates Digital signatures
A digital signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature or a stamped seal, but offers far more inherent security. A digital signature makes forgery and impersonation impossible.

Mailfence integrated the management of your keys with an Integrated keystore
Our keystore is a place in your account, dedicated to OpenPGP key generation and management. It is completely independent from any third-party plug-in.

Mailfence is truly innovating secure e-mail by making it easy for the average individual.