Hartbeat Music

Hartbeat Interventions is best described as a practical form of the will to innovate, improve and help the patient and healthcare facilities. We exists to enhance the positive experiences of patients who endure a surgical procedure, by reducing pain, stress and anxiety at the moments people are most vulnerable. Instead of expensive medication, we move the patient’s thoughts to a place of their choosing. Somewhere they can be in charge of the situation.

The product we offer is a legal, safe, hygienic, accurate and easy to use music player.
Tens of thousands tracks and artists are available in just two clicks.
When not used by patients, the player can be operated by the staff to reduce their stress level and enhance their emotion coping.
The device is designed for use in the operational chamber complex, but can be used in other settings such as Urology, MRI and oncology.

This intervention is functional for pre, intra and postoperative use and solely focused on patient wellbeing.
The company was founded by Jeroen van Driel, following his thesis research on preoperative anxiety reduction through music.