Hands-on Pharmaceutical (GMP) Training

Biotech Training Facility is a facility where hands-on pharmaceutical (GMP) training is given in an actual, real-life environment. The facility has been set up with the goal to bridge the gap in hands-on experience and GMP knowledge of students coming from University, Hogeschool or Laboratory school. This facility is unique as there is no comparable facility within Europe where you can be trained under GMP conditions.

During the education in related studies, students do not obtain experience in working in clean room and they do not learn about the GMP regulations that exist. Once the moment has been reached that they start looking for a job, they will encounter the challenge that in most jobs within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech/Life Sciences industry, experience with GMP and working under GMP are required.

This experience can be obtained at Biotech Training Facility, as it is completely equipped with cleanrooms, laboratories and a technical area full of state-of-the-art, easily accessible utilities. All of this available for training.

In addition, very training is unique, but there are 3 fundamental aspects that form a recurring theme throughout our programs: insight, performance and behavior.

Out training strategy combined with our facility, makes this a unique combination.