Goede Zorg Loont

How we can make care affordable again is not a question or a challenge but an obligation for the future of our children and the welfare of the elderly.

Therefore a lot of organisations organise challenges but at the end there is no structure and commitment in the follow up, because there is no clear earning model for mot of the innovations..

The battle against rising costs in healthcare and welfare of people is nowadays a worldwide struggle. We need a moonshot, maybe more than one moonshot.

Although there are a lot of ideas to improve care and to reduce cost. Business opportunities which improve our care and welfare are realy the logical solution.

The problem is however that these good ideas and initiatives mostly end on the graveyard, in the best case there will be a pilot and after this pilot there is the message is that there is no business case.

The reason of this outcome is that there in often no match between supplier and the potential customer.

Our simple solution is a television program. People can send in their idea. A jury will give their opinion and afterwards people can participate in a a crowfund co-creation . The crowd will be a co-owner