BabyMoon smart baby carrier

BabyMoon is the world’s first smart baby carrier and the only active-time health monitor for infants. Our carrier offers a bio-monitoring platform, which can be leveraged both as a consumer product and as an in-hospital monitoring and care system. This solution enables attachment parenting and family-centered health care for children. As the baby is held in the smart carrier, the child’s vital signs are gathered and analyzed. The BabyMoon platform then displays this data, along with personalized care suggestions, to parents via our mobile app and to doctors through automated reports. Instead of diagnosing a child’s health or making parenting suggestions based upon irregular and inaccurate data, BabyMoon provides parents and doctors a full picture of the child’s development and tools for effective communication. In this way, BabyMoon is a solution for data-driven decision making in pediatrics.